3 Daypacks Large Enough for Extended Travel

3 daypacks large enough for overnight camping trips

Preparation and a Good Daypack May Be All You Need For Extended Outdoor Adventures A large daypack is a good compromise between the smaller and more restrictive 1500 cubic inch packs and the massive internal frame backpacks. Those extremes are great in their own way, but sometimes a happy medium is needed. Small daypacks are a good … Read more

A Guide to Daiwa Spinning Reels

A guide to Daiwa spinning reels including strikeforce, crossfire and Laguna

Whether You’re into Heavy Saltwater or Ultralight Freshwater Fishing, Daiwa Makes Pretty Solid Reel We won’t beat around the bush here, because that’s bad fishing practice. Daiwa like almost all fishing equipment companies, has made about a billion different kinds of fishing reels. It’s one of the more complex pieces of fishing gear, so it … Read more

Fishing Terminology for Beginners

Fishing Terminology for Beginners from Rod and Reel anatomy to bait types.

There are more special terms in fishing than you could reasonably fit in a dictionary. If you were to sneeze while fishing, someone would probably call it “Face Shading” to refer to the way you covered your mouth and held it in to dampen the noise, then proceed to classify every movement you made, inventing … Read more