Tips For Cold Weather Camping Without A Fire

Camp fires are for wimps or people who want to enjoy themselves

Camp Fires Are For Wimps Or People Who Want To Enjoy Themselves Whoever said you need a fire for a camping trip is a liar and probably smiles too much. Camping is fundamentally improved by the absence of a fire. If part of camping is being miserable, then you could argue that someone hasn’t really … Read more

Camping Snack Ideas for Adventurous Foodies

Camping Snack Ideas for Adventurous Foodies

There Are Some Food Experiences You Can Only Discover While Camping. For many people, all you have to do to try something new is walk downtown and find a trendy restaurant. There are a lot of new cafes and bistros touting some kind of fusion or deconstruction of typical foods in the search for new … Read more

The Flatulence Rules for Camping

No farting at the campsite - The flatulence rules for camping

The Fart Anarchy Must Stop People fart a lot when they’re camping. That’s one of the most beautiful things about the outdoors. It gives you the freedom of flatulence. But some people use that freedom a little too… freely. They lose themselves in the open arms of mother nature and let their insides flow with … Read more

A Couple Things You Didn’t Think to Take Backpacking

A few things you forgot to take backpacking

Packing right takes a little Ingenuity. For beginners to backpacking, it might seem like packing is the hardest part. Getting the ten essentials is really just the first step. It’s common practice to worry about the ounces until the pounds take care of themselves, and it becomes a game for a lot of people to … Read more

The Four Most Annoying People You Will Encounter Outdoors

Annoying people in the outdoors

Some People Seem to be Camping for Different Reasons It used to be that you spend your free time outdoors for a short list of pleasant reasons: Fishing, Relaxing around a campfire, Killing animals, Watching animals (then, possibly, killing them and eating them), Exercising without the constant noise and air pollution of the city, and, … Read more

How Bears Build Character

There’s a Lot to be Learned from Bear Encounters Some people have a phobia of bears to the point that they won’t even step foot onto a state camping ground. That’s a shame, because there is a wealth of life lessons in your typical bear encounter. They provide the benefit of practicing important techniques for … Read more