4 Things You Don’t Care About When You’re Fishing

A lot of things shouldn't bother you when you are fishing

Sometimes Fishing is About Not Being Anywhere Else

Fishing is a long established method of relaxation. Sometimes it’s more about getting away from the daily obligations that constantly prick at your mind than it is about the actual fish. There are a lot of concerns involved in fishing, especially if you’re a beginner, but all the discussion about bait, tackle, and rods is part of the appeal. Because when you’re deciding what lure to tie to your line and wading out from the shore you’re not worrying about any of these things.

A Mirror

Dress for comfort when fishing and not for looks

Clothes are important when you’re fishing, but so long as you’re warm and safe, you can look however you want. If that means wearing a pink life vest with a purple pair of waders and a ridiculous floppy hat, then no one should criticize you for that. This is your fishing trip. However, if you dress the same way for fishing that you do for a job interview you are doing one of those things wrong.

Too Much Talking

Too much talking while fishing

Maybe you like talking and brought friends or family along. Or maybe you don’t, but a few people came along anyway. For the millions of people who value silence above all else, there are four handy tools for getting people to shut up.

  • Tell them they’re scaring away the fish.
  • Drown them out with the sound of the boat motor.
  • Push the person talking out of the boat, and drive away.
  • Get drunk. This won’t stop the talking, but it will make you feel better.

We recognize that fishing can be a great group activity, especially for families. But sometimes you just need silence, and if there’s anytime you should be able to have that, it’s while you’re fishing.

What You’re Having for Dinner

Dressed for success while cooking the day's catch

There are two possibilities:

  • You get a great catch and clean it up for dinner.
  • You catch nothing and grab a pizza on the way home.

Unless your camping for a few days, and all you brought was a sleeping bag and a fishing pole. You might be a little more worried about it then. But for the day trip, you’re just there to forget your troubles in the cool depths of the water. Don’t let meal planning get in the way of that.

Excessive Flatulence

The fish don't care about your farts

The fish don’t care what you smell like, and when you’ve got your jon boat out the middle of a lake, you probably don’t either. The best thing about being outdoors is you can fart as much as you want without bothering anyone. You can just sit back, enjoy nature, and let the wind carry it away.

If you’re still new to the relaxation of fishing, but are counter-productively overwhelmed by the slough of things you need to learn, here’s a crash course on fishing terminology. For those of you who already know your way around your fishing gear we’ll just wish you a happy weekend not thinking about some ridiculous blog or how much you stink.

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