How Bears Build Character

There’s a Lot to be Learned from Bear Encounters Some people have a phobia of bears to the point that they won’t even step foot onto a state camping ground. That’s a shame, because there is a wealth of life lessons in your typical bear encounter. They provide the benefit of practicing important techniques for … Read more

FishBox Ice Chest

FIshBox Ices Chest - A Huge Cooler With a Tough Shell

Bigger, Better and Tougher than the Competition Specifications: Exterior Dimensions (flat bottom version) – 45″W x 25″L x 31.5″H Exterior Dimensions (marine version with feet) Interior Dimensions – 39″W x 19″L x 25″H 285 Quart Capacity Made in America 2.5 inch thick walls. Non-component latch system (No broken or rusted hardware) Optional built in cutting … Read more

3 Places Camouflage Gear Won’t Help You

If camo gear is not appropriate you should ask yourself why the hell you are even there. Whether you want to blend into your surroundings or just like the way it looks, camouflage gear is a favorite among those of us who spend a good deal of time in the great outdoors. Camouflage reminds us … Read more

So You Brought the Wrong Sleeping Bag, huh Dummy?

How to make your sleeping bag warmer in cold weather

Here’s How You Make Your Sleeping Bag Warmer There are few things more miserable than lying awake in the freezing wilderness all night because your sleeping bag isn’t warm enough. Between wishing for the sun to rise or the hypothermia to just set in and kill you already, your mind might drift to the day … Read more

Great EDC Folding Knives 3 Inches and Under

These Small Everyday Carry Knives are Handy Tools for Work and Play Knife laws vary from state to state, but the rule of thumb is that you can carry a folding knife with a blade no more than 3 inches or less. That can cause a lot of conflict for people who need (or just want) … Read more

5 Ways to Keep your Cooler Cold

Tips to keep your ice chest cold longer

The easiest way to keep the chill in your ice chest is to get a high quality ice chest. Generally something insulated, dry ice compatible, with a hard top lid that seals with a rubber lining. But that can also get expensive, and while there’s no substitute for high quality camping gear, there’s also a … Read more

Fishing Terminology for Beginners

Fishing Terminology for Beginners from Rod and Reel anatomy to bait types.

There are more special terms in fishing than you could reasonably fit in a dictionary. If you were to sneeze while fishing, someone would probably call it “Face Shading” to refer to the way you covered your mouth and held it in to dampen the noise, then proceed to classify every movement you made, inventing … Read more

Your Guide to Buck 110 Knife Handles

Your Guide to Buck Knives 110 Knife Handles including cherry wood and American Oak

The Buck 110 is an American tradition, at this point. When most people think knife, they think Buck (or Rambo, but he used a Buck too), and when they think Buck, they think of the Buck 110 folding knife. But it has come a long ways from its simple wood-handled origins in 1964. Buck now … Read more