Seven Camping Chairs for Seven Brothers

Seven Camping Chairs for Seven Brothers

There’s a Folding Chair for Any Lifestyle Everyone relaxes a little differently. Take the Poplar family for instance, who are very serious about their relaxation and not at all something just made up to present some good camping chairs. They often argue over what kind of chair is the best when going outdoors, but they … Read more

The Flatulence Rules for Camping

No farting at the campsite - The flatulence rules for camping

The Fart Anarchy Must Stop People fart a lot when they’re camping. That’s one of the most beautiful things about the outdoors. It gives you the freedom of flatulence. But some people use that freedom a little too… freely. They lose themselves in the open arms of mother nature and let their insides flow with … Read more

A Couple Things You Didn’t Think to Take Backpacking

A few things you forgot to take backpacking

Packing right takes a little Ingenuity. For beginners to backpacking, it might seem like packing is the hardest part. Getting the ten essentials is really just the first step. It’s common practice to worry about the ounces until the pounds take care of themselves, and it becomes a game for a lot of people to … Read more

What Your Tent Says about Your Personality

Your tent may be a window into your soul

You are What You Camp In A tent can say a lot about a person, if you know what to look for. Whether they’re well used, or still inside a sealed box, or not there at all, the camping tent is a small window into every person’s soul. If you’ve ever walked through a campground … Read more

A Quick Guide to Fish Bait

Fishing Bait Guide

There are Many Types of Bait, but It’s Simpler than You Think We’ve addressed the wide world of fishing terms before, but that didn’t even scratch the surface of fish bait. This is a pretty important topic to study up on, because no matter how fancy your fishing gear is, if you aren’t putting what … Read more

The Four Most Annoying People You Will Encounter Outdoors

Annoying people in the outdoors

Some People Seem to be Camping for Different Reasons It used to be that you spend your free time outdoors for a short list of pleasant reasons: Fishing, Relaxing around a campfire, Killing animals, Watching animals (then, possibly, killing them and eating them), Exercising without the constant noise and air pollution of the city, and, … Read more

3 Daypacks Large Enough for Extended Travel

3 daypacks large enough for overnight camping trips

Preparation and a Good Daypack May Be All You Need For Extended Outdoor Adventures A large daypack is a good compromise between the smaller and more restrictive 1500 cubic inch packs and the massive internal frame backpacks. Those extremes are great in their own way, but sometimes a happy medium is needed. Small daypacks are a good … Read more

A Guide to Daiwa Spinning Reels

A guide to Daiwa spinning reels including strikeforce, crossfire and Laguna

Whether You’re into Heavy Saltwater or Ultralight Freshwater Fishing, Daiwa Makes Pretty Solid Reel We won’t beat around the bush here, because that’s bad fishing practice. Daiwa like almost all fishing equipment companies, has made about a billion different kinds of fishing reels. It’s one of the more complex pieces of fishing gear, so it … Read more